Introduction to Best Cashback Strategy

What’s the best deal?  Sounds like a simple question, but, it can be quite complicated.  Sure, it’s easy to go to a price comparison site and look at all the store listings and find the store with best prices.  Yet, the store with the best price might not be the best deal.

For example, if store A  might have a price of $100 and Store B $105.  You think Store A is the best deal, right?  What if I told you that Store B offered 15% cashback and 10% in loyalty rewards while Store A offered nothing.  Would you think Store B is now a better deal?

Cashback Stacker is all about finding the best deal by stacking all cashback discounts together.


Cashback Stacker Key Components

  1. Payment Methods:  Cashback credit cards, Store Credit Cards.
    1. Using the best payment method for a payment is key to stacking up the most discounts
    2. Always pay off these cards in full each month.  If you need to carry a balance, don’t use this method. Instead, find a credit card with low interest rate or low introductory rate.
  2. Use Payment Method to Purchase A Gift Card:
    1. Example
  3. Use Cashback Site to Visit Store, pay with the Gift Card
  4. Apply all available coupons and rebates
  5. Join All Loyalty Programs